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Performed live stand up on Christmas Eve at the Broadway Comedy Club in New York City. 2022.

Yukata Cowboy & spin-offs

Lost & found cowboy Season 2


During the pandemic, despite the lockdown around the world, I collaborated with Danish actress Laerke Charlotte Olsvig and Spanish actress Xana del Mar, to create a new season of our cross-cultural comedy "Lost & Found Cowboy." Working over the internet, we filmed remotely in Tokyo, London and Madrid, combining elements of stand-up and flamenco.


(Japan, UK, Spain) (2020-2021)


Nominated for Best Actor at Seoul Web Fest (South Korea), 2022.


Nominated for Best Comedic Actor at Miami Web Fest (USA), 2022.



"Lost & Found Cowboy" ranked #12 in the world for 2021! (Web Series World Cup)


Nominated for Best Actor at NZ Web Fest (New Zealand) 2021.


Nominated for Best Actor at Apulia Web Fest (Italy) 2021.



"Lost & Found Cowboy Season 2" was released world-wide on UK-based comedy streaming platform Twisted Mirror TV. (2021)

lost & Found cowboy Season 1



In Tokyo, I played the lead and directed "Lost & Found Cowboy", a dancing, cross-cultural rom-com, with American actress Kellie Holway. 



(Japan) 2019.


Nominated for Best Actor at Die Seriale Fest (Germany) 2021.


Nominated for Best Actor in Comedy at Asia Web Awards (Korea) 2020.


"Lost & Found Cowboy" was released world-wide on UK-based comedy streaming platform Twisted Mirror TV.  (2020)

mona lisa cowboy



In Paris, I played the lead and directed another cross-cross cultural comedy "Mona Lisa Cowboy" with Chinese-French actress Xin Wang. 


(France) 2016.


Won Best Actor (Star AMETS) for playing the lead character Yukata Cowboy in "Mona Lisa Cowboy" at Bilbao Seriesland (Spain) 2017!

Savvy spinster


In Toronto, I was invited to guest-star in "Savvy Spinster", a Canadian web series directed by Eliza Crosland.


Filmed at the T.O. Web Fest. (Canada) 2016.

yukata cowboy


Inspired by  the many quirky, odd experiences I had living in different countries over the years,

I created the web series "Yukata Cowboy" ®.


In the series, I play all of  the diverse characters myself - man, woman, young, old, of different nationalities.  




The "Yukata Cowboy" ® series was released theatrically and launched as a bilingual book in English and Japanese. 



(Japan) 2016.


Nominated for Best Vlogger at Rio Web Fest (Brazil) 2018.


Won Best Sketch Actor for playing Yukata Cowboy ® at Rome Web Awards (Italy) 2015!


Won Best Character for Yukata Cowboy ® at Bilbao Web Fest (Spain) 2015 


Won Special Mention for Outstanding Performance as an Actor at Sicily Web Fest  (Italy) for my role in Yukata Cowboy ®  2015 !

Cast Me If You Can

In Tokyo, I played a convenience store manager in the rom-com "Cast Me If You Can", which I also wrote and directed.  The film was subsequently released theatrically in 15 cities in Japan and in San Francisco, broadcast on 4 Japanese TV stations, released digitally in North America and screened in international airlines. I also toured various festivals and screening events and gave talks.  


Cast Me If You Can (2010) (Japan)

Texas - Japan- America Society Screening 3 City Tour 


"Cast Me If You Can" in Houston, Austin, San Antonio (2013)

Bay Area Screening and Talk Events - Cast Me If You Can


Japan Society of Northern California & Orinda Theater (2012)

Inflight Screenings + iTunes/Amazon DVD distribution in North America


"Cast Me If You Can" screened in international flights: Jetstar, China Southern, Aeroflot Airlines  (2012)


LA Screening & Talk Events - Cast Me If You Can


Japan Foundation, USC & Regency Academy Theater Pasadena   (2010~2012)

Boston - Awarded Indie Spirit Special Recognition Prize


"Cast Me If You Can" at the Boston International Film Festival (2010)

NY Premiere - Japan Society/ Friars Club Comedy Film Festival


Cast Me If You Can (2010) (with Co-Producer Cineric, Inc.)

Japan - Theatrical Release in 15 cities


Cast Me If You Can (2010)

World Premiere - Shanghai International Film Festival (China)


Cast Me If You Can (2010)


In Tokyo, I MC'd and performed monthly English-language improv shows and ended up in a Japanese newspaper (Japan).


Pink Cow, Tokyo (2007-2010)

Eternally Yours

I was commissioned by an art festival in Japan to create a film, set in the rural community, where the festival takes place.  The film - a battle of wits between an elderly lady and a conman - was subsequently screened and awarded at film festivals around the world.



International Premiere at New Directors/ New Films (MoMA, Lincoln Center, New York) (2007)

Won Best Short Film Award (Bangkok International Film Festival, Thailand)


Eternally Yours (2007)



In Amsterdam, collaborating with recent graduates of the Dutch national film academy and Dutch actress Saskia Mulder, I played an artist in a cross-cultural indie comedy I also wrote and directed. (The Netherlands) (2006)

Mike & Thomas Show


In Amsterdam, I was cast in a pilot for a Dutch TV show, which became a regular weekly program. Over the course of 3 years, I appeared weekly on VARA, Dutch national TV, playing a quirky fake score-keeper. (The Netherlands) (2005-2007) 


Here, in these pictures, I'm wearing a golden suit and shoes that belonged to a Dutch Quiz master from 20 years ago. In my last year, I played Superman, Santa Claus, Gunman from the Wild West and Hugh Hefner!?



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